About Joe


© 2016 Mary Beth Flatau PhotographyAccounting. I know the word is scary. I’m here to help.

I’m Joe Filipowicz. I’ve been an accountant for over 20 years, yet I have a passion for the solopreneur. My wife and I are entrepreneurs, and we are working on our son, Logan.

Let’s talk about you and your business.

You have big ideas, plans for your business, dreams to achieve and yet you know that you need to focus on numbers but you just don’t know where to begin. In fact, you might even be scared and overwhelmed by it all.

That’s where I come in.

Today’s solopreneurs move at the speed of light.  The speed of the internet.  You have big ideas, big goals and you don’t even want to think about numbers, accounting and what does that really even mean?

If you are a solopreneur, you probably utilize accounting for two things, record keeping and taxes.  You don’t have the resources to have a full time controller or CFO.  And that’s a shame, because somebody well versed in accounting can help you plan better, evaluate your performance better, and make better decisions.

After all, accounting is way more than taxes and bookkeeping. I can make your dreams, and plans, for your business a reality.

Here’s how I can help.

I have nearly two decades of experience working for companies large and small, in various financial and accounting capacities.

I’ve seen how accounting can be utilized to help a business make better decisions and be an asset to operations.

Accounting is so much more than something you need to do so you can get your taxes taken care of.

It  is my mission to be your own personal controller.

You know, the one the bigger companies have, but you think you can’t afford.  Someone who goes beyond simple bookkeeping to give you the data you need to make better decisions and make your dreams and goals a reality.

It is my goal to help you:

  • Give you more time by allowing you to focus on what you do best- growing your business
  • Have better performance data for your business at your fingertips therefore giving your more money
  • Be more effective at planning for the future growth of your business
  • Make smarter decisions on how to use your precious assets: time and money.
  • Work with you to improve your business in measurable ways

Let’s get started.

Read on and you can reach me directly at joe@solopreneuraccountant.com.