Running and, more important, growing your business as a solopreneur is daunting and time consuming enough. Keeping your finances in order, and learning from them as you grow your business is crucial. You might not be ready yet to add a financial partner, like myself, to your operations.  So, I have tried to collect some of great resources here on this page that I believe can help you grow your financial knowledge, get organized, and grow your business even more.

Some of these resources, I have designed with the solopreneur in mind.  Others are tools I have come across in my travels through becoming a solopreneur myself. All of them I can vouch for as I have used them.

(Note: Some of these links are affiliate links and I will get paid a small commission should you decide to purchase. These commissions do not change the cost to you)


How Creatives Get Paid 11 Days Faster


One of the most popular cloud based accounting apps, it is a fantastic resource for the small or solo entrpreneur.  If simplicity is your goal, FreshBooks is definitely a great option for putting sanity around your business finances.  It’s especially powerful for solopreneurs who charge by the hour for their work as it has fantastic time tracking features.  Take it for a trial spin and see if it fits your business.

Xero Accounting Software

There’s a small army of accounting solutions out there to choose from. What do I love about Xero? Well, it’s flexible, has a great user interface, it’s easy to use. In fact, I use it to manage the finances for my own business.

One of my favorite features about Xero is it is cloud based. No more worrying about losing all of your financial information if a hard drive crashes. Xero handles the backups for you. Get a new computer? Don’t have to transfer and import data.  It just saves you so much time.

Even if you are not an accounting expert, its user interface helps you keep things straight. Direct links into your financial institutions eliminate the manual entering of transactions. Its algorithms will make classifying transactions simple after it gets to know you.

You can even link your Paypal account so you can offer an online payment option right from the invoice itself.

I could go on, but what’s the point? After all, Xero offers a free trial so you can see if it is the accounting platform for you.

Check out Xero and get a free trial here


Profit First: A Simple System to Transform Any Business from a Cash-Eating Monster to a Money-Making Machine. I was blinded by the light bulbs that went off in my head when I read this book, and I am an accountant. It is the nature of solopreneurs to essentially put themselves last behind everything in their business. This can be especially destructive in your business finances. This book will teach you how to make sure you pay yourself first. It will also give you some easy to understand guidelines for making sure you aren’t getting out hand on the expense side.


Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time I don’t know about you, but traditional project planning methods give me angst. Gantt charts, project timelines, maybe they work for some but I prefer something much simpler. I was lost until I found this gem of a book. Scrum is genus in its simplicity. All you need is a whiteboard and some Post-It notes to make it happen! Who doesn’t want to plan if they can use Post-It’s? Or is that just me?


Real Numbers: Management Accounting in a Lean Organization I saw Jean Cunnigham speak at a conference I attended a few years back and I still thank fate for putting me there. This book is a great manifesto on how accounting does not need to be complicated. It’s possible to keep your thumb on the pulse of your business finances without making a full time job of it.