Solopreneur Economy: Five Reasons I Believe in It

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End of the Industrial Age, Beginning of the Solopreneur Economy

End of the Industrial Age, Beginning of the Solopreneur Economy

In my last post, I wrote about the importance of remaining true to your “Why” in your business over profit.  Writing that post led me to ask myself, why am I doing what I am doing? What drives me to build Solopreneur Accountant?  

One of the biggest “whys” behind this project is my belief in the solopreneur economy.  

There is a gigantic amount of talk these days about the “bad economy”.  I really couldn’t disagree more.  I don’t think it is a bad economy as much as it is a different economy.  The internet has changed everything.  The norms of doing business that have been in place since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution are being blown up.  

Replacing them is an economy that is locationless, and open to anyone with an internet connection.  The market for potential customers is nearly limitless.  These days all you need is an idea.  

Well, an idea and a truckload of ambition and desire.

Of course, those who prefer to look at the glass half empty would point to the many struggling with today’s economy.  But, change brings discomfort.  Those willing to deal with the discomfort and channel it, have limitless potential to achieve their dreams.  

Here’s five reasons I believe in this economy:

  1. You own the upside of your efforts – You constantly hear and read about the railing against the “corporate institution”.  But, what do people do?  They continue to live inside of it.  People are quickly starting to realize that designing your own gig is insurance against being downsized or having your job shipped elsewhere.  Even better, you own all of the upside for your efforts.  Shareholders don’t get it, leaving you the standard 3% raise.  You get all of the fruits of your blood, sweat, and tears.
  2. It’s low risk – Yeah, you heard me.  Building your own “thing” is infinitely more secure than putting your livelihood at the whim of strategic decisions out of your hands.  People are seeing this and are starting to jump on the bandwagon.  When you make business decisions yourself, you can be sure they are in alignment with your beliefs and your needs.  
  3. Failing isn’t devastating – By using internet as your storefront, you eliminate the need for expensive, investment intensive brick and mortar business commitments like buildings or machinery.  If your idea doesn’t turn out like you envisioned it, you are not going to be on the hook for loans you took out to invest in all of these things.  The biggest pain you’ll feel is that to your pride.  Failure can be an education, anyhow, so long as you don’t have financial ghosts haunting you for years after that failure.  When you build an internet based business as a solopreneur, you basically just shut your website down and move on to your next idea.
  4. There’s more gratification – Yes, you can love a corporate world job.  But, there’s something infinitely more gratifying to me to be able to work yourself to the bone and be able to help others just like you trying to build their dreams.  That’s why I want to help the solopreneur so much and why I believe in the economy they are building.  We all have talents that can help each other in a big way.  Because we are all so small, we are blessed to be able to help out tons of different, truly awesome people.  
  5. The beauty of community – What is more beautiful, a collection of people complaining about their plight around the water cooler all day?  Or a collection of people propping each other up, helping them through their struggles, and celebrating their victories?  That’s the solopreneur economy.  The internet provides us with a ready source of like minded individuals trying to make the world a better place and achieve their dreams in it.  What is better than that?

These are just five of the reasons I believe in the solopreneur economy so much and why I am building Solopreneur Accountant as a resource serving that economy.  Remember, your “why” is the driving force behind the growth of your business. By turning my 20 years of accounting experience towards this new economy, I feel I am helping build the foundation it is sits upon.
Keep your passion strong and your “why” close to your heart.  Only good things can come of it.

Are you a passionate solopreneur who needs a jump start in organizing their accounting? Get help here.

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  • Nice one Joe! I’m totally with you on the whole solopreneur economy. I love seeing the passion behind some of the businesses that individuals create on their own – and that excites me more than some faceless corporation. Like you said in your “why” – it’s not all about profits.

    • You are right. With solopreneurs, it’s so easy to see the drive and passion people have for their ventures. It’s contagious!